Act Swiftly

Image: The Tree Projects

The critically-endangered Swift Parrot needs your help. Its habitat is being logged every day, which is driving its extinction. The Lonnavale Forests in southern lutruwita/Tasmania are rich and critical habitat for the species.

These forests, across Denison, Barnback and Russell valleys, are currently outside the “Swift Parrot Important Breeding Area”. This means there are few restrictions that prevent the logging of this High Conservation Value forest habitat.

Act Swiftly and chip in today to help protect the Lonnavale Forests for Swift Parrots! Your donation will help to:

  • Support volunteers to conduct citizen science surveys - these are critical in showing that logging is harming these animals and their forests.
  • Amplify the voices of local communities and support them to effectively engage in processes and decisions that affect them
  • Build wide community support to protect habitat--including through our Movement For Life community organising program
  • Expose and publicise outrageous & irresponsible activities–-including industrial logging in high conservation value forests--by funding expert reports, footage of damage and equipment for forest surveys

You are choosing to donate this amount every 4 weeks.