Black cockatoos with speech bubbles. One says “Thank you for taking action!” and the other one says “Donate to keep Rio Tinto out of the Northern Jarrah”

In Western Australia’s Jarrah forests 80% of animals and plants are found nowhere else in the world. Walking through the forest you’ll hear bird calls echoing from the trees, and see marsupials and frogs hop around a bouquet of plant species (8,000 species of wildflowers are just one example).

And yet, it is here that Rio Tinto has applied for exploration permits. The permit would allow for new mining activity in the Northern Jarrah forest—within a stone's throw from the Perth metropolitan area. Mining activity that could bulldoze and dig up the forest which is home to so many of WA’s unique species.

The Wilderness Society, along with the WA Forest Alliance and over 150 other environmental organisations and individuals, have lodged formal objections to these applications. And on Friday, 22 July, these objections will be heard at the Perth Mining Warden’s Court.

Will you chip in today and to help raise $5,000, so that our lawyers can build the best case possible?

The Wilderness Society will contribute these funds towards this hearing and any related legal costs.

Will you support our action to protect the Northern Jarrah Forest?

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