Your support helps trees grow old

Half of Australia’s beautiful forests are gone. The ones that remain are being destroyed at a devastating scale. These forests are home and refuge to iconic and threatened species like the swift parrot, numbat and greater glider. Old trees and ancient forests are the best tools we have against the climate crisis—their rich soils and dense vegetation store carbon. They also provide us with clean air to breathe and clear water to drink.

United, we can protect what’s left.

We need to invest in protecting forests to protect our future. Together, we can work to shift the excessive political power of destructive industries. And make sure that logging and fossil fuel industries don’t have the licence to continue ruining our climate and the places we love.

Together, we can help trees grow old. Until 30 June, a group of donors will match every dollar you give up to $57,000. That means your gift has twice the impact to push governments and businesses to enact strong protections for forests, bushlands and all the animals that call them home! Please make a tax-deductible donation today to have 2 x the impact!

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