Together, we can stop the next extinction

For our most vulnerable animals, being put on Australia’s threatened species list is a death sentence. Instead of saving them from extinction, government inaction is allowing our unique and iconic wildlife to slip further towards oblivion. And some have already been lost forever.

Like the poor Bramble Cay melomys. It was just a little native rat, who had the misfortune of being the first mammal in the world to go extinct due to climate change. But it should have lived. The government had a recovery plan—it just never got funded.

The current system is failing us, and it’s failing our wildlife. Together, we’re working to get new nature laws in place to stop the country’s extinction crisis.

  • Build pressure on governments to enact nature laws that actually work, with an independent watchdog to enforce them
  • Expose breaches of the law and challenge environmental decisions that aren’t based on science
  • Train and support local leaders across communities in Australia who are speaking up

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