Australia says NO WAY NORWAY

In December, the government regulator approved Equinor’s risky plans to drill in the Great Australian Bight! But the Australian people have already said NO and will continue to #FightForTheBight.

Because of your support, we’ve been able to launch a challenge in the Federal Court to fight the Government’s approval of this risky project. This isn’t a battle that is won in a day. This is an ongoing, long-term fight.

Norwegian oil-giant Equinor once said that if the community didn’t want deep sea drilling in the pristine waters of the Bight that it wouldn’t drill.

The community has spoken—over 20 local councils have passed motions raising serious concerns with and opposition to Equinor's drilling plans. Community protest is widespread; it is consistent, determined and it is becoming global.

It’s going to take a multi-pronged strategy to keep Big Oil out of the Bight for good. Can you donate today to:

  • Fund the work of our legal team to challenge NOPSEMA’s approval of Equinor’s risky drilling plans.
  • Support the community resistance across Australia
  • Demonstrate community resistance and the irresponsibility of the project to Equinor and the people of Norway in its home country.

Please donate today to fund this legal challenge and stand with communities across southern and eastern Australia who are the frontlines of stopping Equinor from drilling in a whale sanctuary.

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