Fund a billboard in the nature wreckers’ electorates

Our environment is in crisis.

This election must be the ‘environment and climate change’ election. It’s time to hold our leaders to account. Starting with Tony Abbott—one of the worst offenders for nature destruction while serving as Prime Minister.

You can fund hard-hitting billboards that will make a big impact, reminding voters of the Coalition Government’s record of environmental vandalism, while grabbing national media attention.

We’re starting with Tony Abbott in Warringah, and then plan to roll out billboards in the electorates of ineffective former environment ministers Josh Frydenberg (Kooyong) and Greg Hunt (Flinders).

For too long, politicians have put powerful vested interests ahead of protecting the environment and our health, and listening to their communities.

But this election, we can hold these politicians to account and secure strong new national nature laws and an independent watchdog to enforce the laws.

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New Goal: $57,000