Support our biodiversity—it’s the heart of Australia

Australia is one of the world’s mega diverse continents. 85% of plant species found in Australia are found nowhere else on Earth.1 From the colourful wildflowers of the Munga-Thirri/Simpson Desert to lutruwita/Tasmania’s ancient forests, Australia teems with life.

But Australia is second in the world for biodiversity loss—behind Indonesia.2 These special places are at risk of getting carved up by mining, agriculture or forestry, destroying habitats and thousands of years of cultural heritage.

One example is in the Munga-Thirri/Simpson Desert, the South Australian government has just proposed the largest national park in the country’s history. This is a grand initiative, but mining leases are still valid, so this national park will be ‘jointly proclaimed’ for conservation and mining!

It’s outrageous.

Together, we can work to shift the excessive political power of destructive industries. And make sure that logging and fossil fuel industries don’t have the licence to continue ruining our climate and the places we love. Please make a tax deductible donation today! Your gift could;

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