It was a year ago that mega-fires began tearing through Australia causing unimaginable community and ecological devastation.

Our ecosystems were already under huge pressure from years of logging, deforestation and drought. And the recent interim report of Australia’s national nature law found that the laws are failing our wildlife, precious places and biodiversity (no surprises there!).

To protect our wild places and wildlife, Australia needs:

  • Strong national environmental laws that put nature and the environment before the interests of logging and fossil fuel companies.
  • An end to the fossil fuel extraction that’s intensifying climate change and contributing to natural disasters.
  • A fire-fighting response that’s resourced to properly defend both people and nature.

Your donation will:

  • Support the push for a bushfire response that is driven by science, Indigenous knowledge and local communities—with the resources needed.
  • Build pressure for new nature laws that actually work and an independent watchdog to enforce them.
  • Expose breaches of the law and challenge government decisions.
  • Train and support local leaders across Australia to be a voice for nature in their communities.

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