You can help take deforestation off the menu

Australia is now recognised globally as a deforestation hotspot—like Borneo, the Amazon and Indonesia. Because of people like you, the Wilderness Society was able to undertake analyses to determine exactly what the land being cleared is being used for.

Beef production is the number one cause of deforestation and land clearing in Queensland. And, it is one of the leading causes of native habitat destruction across the country.

You can help transform the beef industry to produce forest friendly beef. Please donate today to put targeted pressure on the key supermarkets and fast food chains to commit to forest and bushland protection.

Your donation will:

  • Establish an appetite for deforestation-free beef through polling in Australia and the US.
  • Train and support the community to pressure supermarkets and fast food chains to adopt and implement forest friendly policies.
  • Fund expert research to expose companies’ deforestation risk.
  • Support highly trained Movement For Life volunteers and building our grassroots community organising program.

You are choosing to donate this amount every 4 weeks.