Will you answer the Last Call of the Wild?

Australia’s wildlife is crying out for help. Will you heed their call today?

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“We need to do more if we want to pass onto our children a world full of wonder.” — Dr Baker

It’s too late to save the Christmas Island pipistrelle, whose last call was heard on 26 August 2009. But right now, across Australia, dozens of other species—like the swift parrot and Leadbeater’s possum—face this same fate.

Australians don’t want to see any more native animals go the way of the pipistrelle. That’s why the Wilderness Society has a plan for the future: new nature laws that work.

We have to act fast to save species on the brink. And we can’t do it without your support.

Your donation today will help us make this new laws vision a reality—creating a better future for wildlife, and the next generation of Australians.