Australia is a mega-diverse country due to the amount of unique plants and animals that are found nowhere else on Earth. 

Across the continent, there are truly special places, like Martuwarra / Fitzroy River—a living ancestral being with seasonal water flows that have sustained people, animals, and plants for tens of millennia. 

Now a handful of billionaires could destroy its timeless wonder by recklessly extracting water, gas, and other resources. 

Will you help protect Martuwarra and life in the Kimberley?

The generous donor is increasing their donation, and is now triple matching your gift up to $50,000. That means until 30 June, your gift has three times the impact to expose the reputational and environmental risks of destructive projects to those making decisions and those who influence them. You’ll also help ensure that all environmental decisions consider the unique rights of First Nations people.

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Together, we can continue to expose the environmental and reputational risks of harmful projects, and keep them out of Australia’s iconic places.

Come on a journey down Martuwarra.

Martuwarra / Fitzroy River is a living ancestral being with a seasonal water flow that sustains plants, animals and people across nearly a quarter of the Kimberley. The Danggu Geikie Gorge in this video was carved by Martuwarra through part of an ancient limestone barrier reef which snakes across the west Kimberley.

The Wilderness Society has been working alongside Traditional Custodians, local environment groups and supporters like you to protect the Kimberley since the early 1990s. Together, we’ve fended off early water grabs for Martuwarra, kept the gas industry out of James Price Point, and secured seven new marine parks along the Kimberley coast.

Will you please help continue the flow of water and life in the Kimberley by donating today?