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Australia has some of the world’s most unique animals. Sadly, it also has the worst record in the world for mammal extinction.

Australia’s at a crossroads. In October, through the Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act review, the government can choose whether it addresses the extinction crisis—or not.

It can continue to allow critical habitats to be cleared, give the logging industry special treatment, or not make an effort to save our wildlife from the Endangered List.

But your donation can make some noise for choosing nature over multinational corporations’ special deals and give local communities and local leaders a voice for change.

Australia’s biodiversity is a national treasure. Donate today to:

  • Challenge the worst cases of deforestation
  • Gain media exposure that will maintain pressure on the government
  • Fund expert research and legal action to expose the deforestation crisis and national logging regulations
  • Support highly trained Movement For Life volunteers and building our grassroots community organising program

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