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Let’s stand up to big business and weak politicians and hold them to account. Together, we can demand strong new nature laws and an independent watchdog to enforce those laws. We can make sure that communities have a greater say in environmental decisions. When the community is genuinely involved, there are better outcomes for people and nature.

We know what it takes to protect the places we love: hundreds of thousands of people standing together. Due to the support of people like you—in 2022, we’ve stared down the threat of three areas earmarked for coal exploration on the doorstep of Wollemi National Park.

Your donation will:

  • Protect the biodiversity we all depend on
  • Keep destructive logging out of our native forests
  • Support local community and First Nations voices in decisions about the future of nature and climate
  • Train community leaders across the country to protect the places we love
  • Stop the mindless expansion of fossil fuels

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